Floating Ball Valve

Floating Ball Valve

In floating ball valve, the ball is held in the position by the compression of the two elastomeric seats against the ball. The ball is free to float inside the valve body.

Under the action of the medium pressure, the ball can generate a certain displacement and press on the sealing surface at the outlet end to ensure the sealing of the outlet end. The floating ballvalve is small in size, light in weight, simple in structure and good in sealing.

OGV Floating Ball Valve design is developed using the latest software based analysis tools. At the design stage, all projects are analysed using 3D solid modelling tools. Benefi ts include reduction of development time and cost, improved product quality, and ability to solve fi eld problems for customers.

Standard Specifications

Basic Design API 6D/API 608
Face-to-Face Dimension ANSI B16.10
Flange End Dimension ANSI/ASME B16.5 (1” to 24”)
ANSI/ASME B16.47 (26” & up)
Butt-Weld End Dimension ANSI/ASME B16.25
Inspection & Testing API 598

Floating Ball Valve Expanded View

Bill of Material

No. Part Name WCB/ENP LCB/ENP CF8M/F316
1 Nut A194 2H A194 7 A194 8M
2 Bolt A193 B7 A320 L7 A320 B8M
3 Bonnet A216 WCB A352 LCB A351 CF8M
4 Gasket 304+Graphite 304+Graphite 316+Graphite
6 Ball A105+ENP LF2+ENP A182 F316
7 Body A216 WCB A352 LCB A352 CF8M
8 Anti-static SS SS SS
9 Stem A182 F6a A182 F6a A182 F316
10 Thrust Washer PTFE PTFE PTFE
11 Packing 304+Graphite 304+Graphite 316+Graphite
12 Packing Gland A216 WCB A352 LCB A351 CF8M
13 Bolt A193 B7 A320 L7 A194 8M
14 Nut A194 2H A194 7 A193 B8M
15 Snap Ring Steel Steel Steel
16 Padlock Steel Steel Steel
17 Lever Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
18 Washer Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
19 Bolt Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel